A Simple Way To Avoid gaining Weight in this vacation

Here’s just a quick, simple idea for everyone who may be concerned about possible over-indulging during the holidays.

I am a real health nut and have been for the past thirty years. I’m constantly studying and looking for new ways to improve my health, or keep it as good as it is now, and I often run across good health information.

I would like to share some of what I’ve learned here with you. This invaluable information is presented in a wonderful book I read recently: Water – for Health, for Healing, for Life – You’re Not Sick You’re Thirsty! by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.

This information in this book is probably the most basic, simple, valuable bit of advice on health I have ever read. Everyone should know this.

What I learned has been a revelation to me. Do you drink water? At least eight glasses a day? Most of us do not drink enough water, if any! After reading the book and asking people about their water drinking habits, I was shocked to find that many people hardly ever drink water. Good, clean, pure water!

Water is such a major part of our bodies! In a fully hydrated body, blood is 94% water, and our cells should be 75% water for optimum health!

When we get dehydrated, all our cells are no longer functioning as they should. Over a long term, this dehydrated condition creates serious health problems. Short term symptoms include pain and discomfort which, unfortunately, often are medicated by painkillers, instead of remedied by simply drinking a couple of glasses of water. The information in this book is amazing and so simple to implement!

The Holiday Season Secret is this: Half an hour before each meal, and two and a half hours after each meal, drink two glasses of water.

If you continue this practice for up to three weeks, you could lose about eight to fourteen pounds (maybe less during the holiday season). This works for people of any age – young or more mature. You may have heard of some celebrities who lost a lot of weight following this practice.

Try this out, and tell your friends and relatives about it too. Maybe you could have a little contest with your spouse or within your family and compare after the first of the year to see who did the best! And, hopefully you won’t stop there. Make it a habit and you’ll be surprised when, in a few weeks, you will have lost weight and have more energy – all without dieting.

What you needed was WATER. Simple, inexpensive and very effective!!! Your drinking water should be filtered to rid it of unhealthy contaminants, such as: arsenic, lead, petroleum and chemical discharges, fertilizers and many more extremely unhealthy, poisonous substances found in all municipal water systems.

Don’t forget: 8 glasses of WATER a day minimum, depending on your body size! A person with a larger body should drink more, No other drinks will be a good enough substitute. However, you can add a squeeze of lemon if you don’t like plain water.

My Warmest Wishes for a very Joyful Holiday Season to You and Yours!

Health, Love, Peace and Happiness to all!…

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